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fbappointmentrequestIt’s no secret that when a consumer is reminded of an appointment, they’re more likely to show up at your shop and on time for their vehicle’s service. As a SocialCRM customer, you also know the importance of connecting with your consumers on multiple platforms to reach all generations.

In the age of social media, Facebook is one of the most important keys to a local business’s success. Facebook has made a few changes to its business pages that can help you reach your consumers with appointment reminders. And your SocialCRM support agent can add your appointment request form to your Facebook business page for you.

This feature may not be new to some of you who have previously had an appointment request form added to your page, but with this update there are a few new benefits of having your support agent add it for you.

  1. Request an appointment even if there is no email for the customer in Manager SE. You will receive the customer’s vehicle year/make/model, phone number and email address. You can then add that to your shop database and increase communication and engagement with them. This is a great way to attract potential new customers!
  2. Tracking through SocialCRM reports to see where your customer “traffic” comes from. Using this report will also help you decide where you want to spend more time or money on your marketing strategy.
  3. Mobile Friendly and request goes straight to your email. Using the Facebook app, consumers will be able to send you requests, but you will not need to log into your Facebook account to get the information; we will send it directly to your email.


No other request form will give you the benefits of reporting or integration to your scheduling system. Contact your support agent today to get this added to your page.


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Lizzy Murphy

Lizzy Murphy has been with Mitchell 1 since 2010, starting on the front lines as a receptionist. She is now the Support & Sales Lead for the SocialCRM team, and happily helps our repair shop customers with their marketing initiatives. In her spare time, she works on restoring classic cars or creating culinary dishes at home.