• Braking System Considerations — Disc or Drum?

    DiscBrake_Mitchell1There are several aspects to think about when considering a braking system for a commercial truck, but one of the first decisions is most likely going to be between disc and drum brakes. Each type has pros and cons that will impact different users in differing circumstances.

  • Diagnosing Parasitic Loads

    TruckSeries_WiringDiagram_featuredWith increasing electronic controls in modern trucks, parasitic loads are becoming a larger concern for today’s fleets. Diagnosing them can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  • Electrical Gremlins

    Gremlins_featuredThe term “gremlin” dates from World War II when it referred to mythical creatures that caused mechanical or electrical faults in airplanes or machinery. Their modern equivalent lives on in car and truck electrical systems.

  • Tank Considerations for Alternative Fuels

    NaturalGas_CNG-Tank_FeaturedOver time, and especially the past 15 years, natural gas has seen an enthusiastic reception into fleets around the globe and helped to ease the rising cost of oil. But the components for these fuels have different requirements than components on gas or diesel fueled trucks.

  • It’s Time to Winterize Your Electrical System

    It’s Time to Winterize Your Electrical System Vehicles endure harsh conditions as they work continuously through the changing seasons. Winter can be one of the harshest because of the various challenges it presents with cold temperatures and extreme weather. In particular, excessive water and moisture from rain and snow are very corrosive and can degrade […]

  • On a Roll: Truck Roll Stability Systems

    On a Roll: Truck Roll Stability Systems Many of us only think about vehicle stability after we’ve had in incident that makes it relevant. Whether it’s an evasive maneuver, poor weather conditions, or anything else, at that moment the need for vehicle stability becomes all too apparent. With regard to commercial vehicles, which are typically […]

  • Keep Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid From Voiding Your Warranty

    Keep Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid From Voiding Your Warranty Did you know that using incorrect or contaminated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) will void your warranty? With the SCR system in today’s trucks, DEF has become an important fluid in our industry, so it’s an important thing to know. How do you keep your warranty intact […]

  • Keep Your Truck All Charged Up in Hot Weather

    Quick Tips to Keep Your Truck All Charged Up in Hot Weather The warmer temperatures during the summer months present some extra challenges for truck maintenance. For instance, your truck’s charging system needs some special attention to ensure peak performance. It’s important to make sure that the truck’s alternator belt is not cracked or frayed, […]

  • A Good Drought?

    A Good Drought? We are currently in a serious drought situation here in California. However, there are circumstances where having no water is actually a good thing — especially if you are diesel fuel and temporarily reside in a closed fuel tank. That’s right, the most common fuel contaminant and biggest enemy to your truck’s […]