Today’s trucks require a fully charged battery to power the engine along with all the added accessories. Let’s take a look at what is required to correctly charge a battery.

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid FAQs

    Does DEF FreezeDuring cold months, it’s not uncommon for a truck’s diesel exhaust fluid to freeze. These FAQs cover the most common questions that truck owners have when it comes to frozen DEF.

  • Technician’s Training Tip – Greasing the Clutch

    Professional Clutch maintenance tipsNot long ago, a friend and I were reminiscing about maintenance issues we had encountered when we were working as truck techs. He brought up how during regular maintenance some of the mechanics would miss lubricating the clutch cross-shaft and throw-out bearing.

  • TPMS vs. Mother Nature

    Tire Pressure in Cold weather specificationsAs we headed down the road, my TPMS light came on. As the outside temperature had dropped about 40 degrees from our start, I knew the light was the result of a decrease in temperature.

  • Listen to the Music!

    The entertainment systems in today’s vehicles have become a lot more sophisticated. Learn how to use truck repair information to troubleshoot DTCs and diagnose and repair quicker.