Top 5 Fleet Maintenance Tools in TruckSeries

Heavy Truck Fleet MaintenanceMaintaining a fleet of Class 4-8 trucks can be a tricky business, even for the most experienced mechanics. Time is of the essence to stay on track and minimize downtime.

Efficiency is critical. That’s where Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries software can help, by providing all of the repair information you need in one, convenient application. Here’s a quick look at five of the best features included in the TruckSeries software that can help streamline fleet maintenance.

5. Modular Platform

Say goodbye to the days of logging into multiple software applications or guessing where to find the right repair information for the job. When you work with TruckSeries, you can rest assured knowing you have the most complete suite of truck repair information and tools available — including labor time estimating and diagnostic trouble code procedures. With a single login to our truck repair software, you gain access to everything you need to diagnose and fix all makes of Class 4-8 trucks.

4. Comprehensive Repair Information

With TruckSeries, you’ll have quick access to complete repair information to help you everything you need to repair just about any truck that rolls into your shop. Find full color wiring diagrams, specifications, and even photos of the exact parts you’ll be working on are right there for you to access through TruckSeries.

3. Diagnostics

Diagnosing can be one of the more time-consuming tasks in your day. Speeding up that process is what the RepairConnect trouble code procedures module in TruckSeries is all about. Go from trouble code to a diagnosis in 30 seconds or less. And then dig right into the repair with access to descriptions, connector views with pin-outs, high resolution component location photos and testing steps and procedures.

2. Labor Time Estimator

With the TruckLabor estimator, creating your labor estimates has never been easier. Our advanced software generates an accurate estimate for you in mere seconds each and every time. With our labor time estimating tools at your disposal, you can be more efficient by simply working a little bit smarter.

1. Repair Information

Of course, Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries software is known for the comprehensive database of repair information for medium and heavy trucks. From scalable wiring diagrams to context-specifications and R & I steps, our best-in-class truck repair software includes everything your techs need to get those Class 4-8 trucks back on the road.

Remember, these faster repair times mean you can get more trucks through your shop faster, so you can increase your volume. The more trucks you repair, the more profitable your truck repair shop can be. To learn more, check out the TruckSeries page on the Mitchell 1 website.

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