Tips for Viewing Wiring Diagrams in TruckSeries

Tips for Viewing Wiring Diagrams in TruckSeries

TruckSeries has very important features that can enhance your experience viewing wiring diagrams. The wiring diagram viewer in TruckSeries includes several controls that allow you to easily navigate wiring diagrams, especially system diagrams. The following steps explain how you can take advantage of these helpful features. (Click the thumbnails to expand the images to full size.)

Step 1: To open the pop-up wiring diagram viewer, either click View Full-Screen at the bottom of the wiring diagram or click anywhere in the wiring diagram itself.

Step 2: A pop-up window opens which includes controls for viewing the wiring diagram.

Note: The back and forward arrows allow you to navigate to other wiring diagrams.


Note: With the pan and zoom controls, you can pan and zoom in and out of the wiring diagram.

Step 3: One of the most helpful features is the ability to highlight any wire/s you would like to view. This makes it quick and easy to trace any wire in a system diagram. To highlight a wire, just select it with your cursor.

Step 4: When highlighting wires you want to focus on, you can also use the following set of controls to hide all other wires, making it even easier to trace a wire or set of wires. To show hidden wires again, just click the reset button.

As shown below, one wire has been highlighted and all other wires have been hidden. This enhances your ability to trace a wire from one terminal to the other.

Finally, you can also print the wiring diagram. Click the Print button.

A pop-up window shows a print preview. You can choose to print black & white if you like. Click the print button to print.