Truck Trouble Code Diagnostics

Go from trouble code to diagnostics in 30 seconds or less, and move right into the repair with RepairConnect, an industry-leading trouble code repair diagnostic tool for commercial trucks. Simply log in, choose your vehicle or enter a VIN, select your DTC and you’re ready to go.

RepairConnect delivers comprehensive access to repair information, commercial truck diagnostics, wiring diagrams, digital photos, component locators, and so much more.

Trouble Code Diagnostics

With the RepairConnect commercial truck diagnostic software at your fingertips, you can stop worrying about what to do with those trouble codes. In fact, this commercial truck diagnostic tool allows you to move from DTC to repair faster than ever before.

Wiring Diagrams

RepairConnect is a comprehensive commercial truck diagnostic software tool that includes access to our exclusive, interactive color wiring diagrams. These scalable diagrams look sharp at any magnification and are the very best in the industry. It’s quick and easy to isolate the diagram to trace just the circuit you need, or view the entire harness – it’s up to you.


Thousands of digital photos like you’ve never seen before are included in RepairConnect. Our comprehensive collection of high quality photos of components and locations come in vivid color and at high-resolution. These photos represent the most realistic examples you’ll find anywhere of what’s inside the trucks you’re repairing.


Find the torque specs you need in one, single and convenient location. Everything is laid out logically so there is no hunting around in the software.

Component Location

Complete component location photos show you where the troublesome component is located in the vehicle you’re working on, and identify pin connectors, letting you test and R&I the component in no time.

Connector Views

The authentic connector views with pin-outs are photographed right at the source, allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint the circuit test and confirm the diagnosis.

VIN Decoding

With RepairConnect, you can eliminate the guesswork that comes from a visual inspection alone – just enter the VIN and year/make/model drops into the right place on your screen.

Test Steps

Mitchell 1’s RepairConnect commercial truck diagnostics tool comes complete with step-by-step test steps with photos to help speed up your troubleshooting so you can focus on the repairs at-hand.

Universal Technical Institute

Many photos used in the TruckSeries products are made possible by the generous support of Universal Technical Institute.