Are You Using Your Accordions in 1Search Plus?

actual accordion picture

Have you ever used the accordion feature in your ProDemand 1Search Plus?

Well, not the accordion that your Uncle Jack plays the polka on. I’m talking about a software accordion.

What are accordians in software and where to find them

You see, in software, an accordion is a menu that can be extended, or stretched, to show additional information. In ProDemand, our software accordions are headings that can be expanded to show more details related to your search term. It is probably easiest to show you an example.

1.) When you’re searching in 1Search Plus and start with a code, let’s say a P0101, type P0101 in the search box and make your selection from the Search Results shown below.

2.) 1Search Plus displays a series of “cards” containing your search results. Let’s choose the Wiring Diagrams card.

1Search Plus new screen/user interface - graphical cards

Once you select the card you want (Wiring Diagrams in this case), there are different accordions based on the level of information provided. The system will automatically expand to the first level of available content. In this case, ProDemand opened accordion “2 of 3,” to the wiring diagrams for a mass airflow sensor.

ProDemand Wiring Diagram to show accordion menus

But what happened to accordion 1 of 3?  The first level of the accordions would be your search term – in this case, p0101. There are no wiring diagrams at the code level, since wiring diagrams are associated with components. So ProDemand skipped that level. The mass airflow sensor is the component associated with the p0101 code, so when we get to the second level (the component level), we see the wiring diagrams for a mass airflow sensor.

3.) However, did you know there may be more information available to you? There is! All you need to do is close the accordion you are viewing by clicking the + or – symbol.

Numerical Indicators of Software Accordions in ProDemand

As you can see in the above image, there are different indicators to tell you there is more information and what information is available.

  • If the accordion is a light grey, there is no content for that level in that card.
  • If the accordion is dark grey, there is information for you.
  • If you see numeral indicators, such as “1 of 3,” that tells you, “Hey, we have more information for you.”

If you start with the code in 1Search Plus, ProDemand will provide the component and the related system. If you start with a component, ProDemand will provide the related system.

You don’t need to start a new search if you need additional information, just look for the accordions! Now that you know this, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see how much more great information you have at your fingertips in 1Search Plus.

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