Those Colors Have Meaning!

The other day, I was in TruckSeries looking up the information to replace the disc brake pads on a Ford F-450. Navigating to the procedure, I couldn’t help but notice the bright colors in the repair illustrations.

what the colors on the parts in my repair information means

The colors clearly identify the parts that are to be removed. However, there are more to the colors than just an order. If you look at the note provided with the link, you will be able to find out what the color coding means and more detail about the repair.

What do the notes on the bottom of diagrams in my auto repair information mean

As it turns out, the color coding provides details about the actual procedure that may remain unknown if you did not understand the reason for the bright colored components.

The color codes for diagrams in mitchell 1 prodemand auto repair software

Of course, for the technician who regularly works on Ford trucks, this information is surely nothing new. Yet, for those who are new to Ford, understanding that those colors have meaning can save time and help ensure a smooth repair job.

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