• Top 5 Fleet Maintenance Tools in TruckSeries

    Truck FleetMaintaining a fleet of Class 4-8 trucks can be a tricky business, even for the most experienced mechanics. Time is of the essence to stay on track and minimize downtime.

  • How Prognostics Systems Impact Transmission Maintenance

    trucktechunderhood_featuredModern maintenance alert systems can take the guesswork out of when a system should be serviced. Here’s an overview of how prognostics systems notify technicians (or drivers) of an upcoming service need based on data about the vehicle in real-world driving conditions.

  • All About P-Codes for Trucks

    FaultCode-FeaturedTruck technicians are coming across P-codes more and more, especially in medium-duty vehicles. So what exactly are they, why is the industry moving in that direction, and how can you look them up in Mitchell 1 products? Well, here are the answers!

  • It’s Time for Truck Tech Skills Testing!

    SuperTech_NoDateTruck service professionals around the U.S. are busy practicing their skills and prepping for the annual state technician skills competitions that lead up to the national SuperTech competition in the fall. Here’s the lineup of state competitions for the year where Mitchell 1 will be hosting the information skills testing!

  • Keep Your Truck All Charged Up in Hot Weather

    Quick Tips to Keep Your Truck All Charged Up in Hot Weather The warmer temperatures during the summer months present some extra challenges for truck maintenance. For instance, your truck’s charging system needs some special attention to ensure peak performance. It’s important to make sure that the truck’s alternator belt is not cracked or frayed, […]

  • TruckSeries: What You See is What You Get

    TruckSeries is built on a modular platform, allowing you to access multiple applications from a single login. It’s a completely new way of accessing your truck repair information, so we thought it would be helpful to explain what you will see when you log in and how it works.

  • Fault Code Protocols for J1587 & J1939

    Protocols for a J1587 and J1939 fault code. Repair-Connect.net uses several different diagnostic protocols as defined by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). In this blog post, we’ll look at the older J1587 protocol and its replacement, the J1939 diagnostic protocols used on today’s commercial vehicles. SAE originally developed the J1587 protocol for heavy-duty and most […]