RepairConnect Expands Coverage with ABS & Transmission Codes

Trucks become more complex every year. As manufactures strive for greater driver comfort and accessibility as well as more stringent emission standards, numerous systems are turning to electronic controls. Of course, being able to diagnose and repair those systems quickly and correctly gets trucks back in service where they belong.

To help make that happen, truck technicians will soon be welcoming a great new addition to the RepairConnect diagnostic module in the Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries truck repair software. Over the last few years, technicians have enjoyed the concise diagnostic and repair data RepairConnect delivers in seconds for engine DTCs. Now, technicians will have even more diagnostic power as system coverage for Transmission and Antilock Brake Systems join the RepairConnect library.

Once the technician selects the vehicle and applicable Engine, ABS or Transmission, the code selection dropdown will display the SAE, OBD II or OEM diagnostic code lists. There is nothing new to learn. In fact, for those already familiar with RepairConnect they will simply notice the new DTC system ID and Name spelled out in the selections.


Once the system and code are selected, the Description, Wiring, Connector Views, Component Locations, Testing Procedures, Removal and Installation Procedures and Specifications are presented in easy to use groups.



The addition of these codes provides even greater value, making shops that much more productive and accurate in keeping trucks on the road.

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Jake Schell

Jake Schell is an editorial consultant with Mitchell 1. Previously, he served as Product Manager for the Commercial Vehicle Group from 2002 to 2023. Prior to joining Mitchell 1, Jake spent 20 years as a technician. He holds a Chevrolet Master certification in the transmission category as well as ASE certifications in both cars and trucks.