• Most Essential Car Maintenance Tips During Summer

    As you know, the summer months can take an extreme toll on your customers’ cars —everything from the A/C system to the tires to the radiator. Providing preventative maintenance and repair to your customers before they take their summer family road trips can help provide peace of mind and bring you more business. After all, family trips are always more enjoyable when you’re driving on the road, not broken down on the side of it.

  • Increase Turbocharger Efficiency Through Proper Maintenance

    Turbocharger_featuredTurbochargers are an important component on today’s commercial vehicle diesel engines and are engineered to provide optimal performance throughout the engine operating range. Keeping the turbocharger and associated systems well maintained can have a big impact on overall vehicle efficiency.

  • Important Update: New TSB Search, plus more…

    Important Update: New TSB Search, plus more… The ProDemand product development team has been working on the top issues that users have submitted into our feedback system. The latest product release reflects that effort, and includes a new TSB search, as well as improved navigation, vehicle selection and printing capabilities. Look for the team to continue […]

  • Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand

    Using the Maintenance Checklist in ProDemand — Don’t Forget to Add the Mileage! ProDemand includes many useful features to save you time. One of those features is the ability to print off a maintenance checklist so that as you are performing the maintenance services on a vehicle, you can simply read down through the printed checklist […]

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward but Your Best Tires to the Rear

    Put Your Best Foot Forward but Your Best Tires to the Rear It might not be the rainy season, but you still need to pay attention to tire placement. When someone only wants to buy two new tires, they often think the new tires should go on the front of the vehicle. This might seem logical since the front tires […]

  • A Quick Look Inside ProDemand

    A Quick Look Inside ProDemand When you get a new electronic device, do you read the manual first, or just start using it? I know that I, for one, always start using it right way, without reading the manual. In fact, I only read the manual if I get stuck and can’t figure out how […]

  • Automatic Transmission Servicing

    Automatic Transmission Servicing How to avoid some common, and potentially costly, service mistakes.  John D. Kelly/Motor Age — I own two vehicles that do not have an automatic transaxle dipstick to check the fluid level. One of these vehicles is a General Motors product; the other is a Toyota product. And they are not the […]

  • ProDemand Training Video – Maintenance

    ProDemand Training Video – Maintenance Watch this ProDemand™ training video to learn how to quickly access scheduled services by mileage intervals, indicator services and/or timed intervals. Click here for more training videos. Click here to sign up for an interactive ProDemand training workshop. Click here for more information on ProDemand.

  • Important Update: ProDemand Enhancements Include Maintenance Checklist Printing

    Important update: ProDemand Enhancements Include Maintenance Checklist Printing Mitchell 1 is pleased to let you know that with the latest release of ProDemand™, printing capability has been added to the Maintenance module, so you can now print checklists including the mileage, timed interval, and any additional services. In addition to maintenance checklist printing, other enhancements […]

  • Important Update: Vehicle Maintenance Module with Improved User Interface

    Important Update: Vehicle Maintenance Module with Improved User Interface New interface streamlines user experience and improves access to information. We have launched a brand-new vehicle maintenance module in ProDemand. This new system makes it much easier to see all the maintenance information at a glance for the vehicle you’re working on. The ProDemand Maintenance Module update includes: […]