• Help for Diagnosing Medium and Heavy Trucks

    Pro-Link Ultra scan tool

    Pro-Link Ultra scan tool

    With advances in technology in today’s medium and heavy duty vehicles, truck repair technicians need more knowledge, tools and information than technicians did in the past.

  • All About P-Codes for Trucks

    FaultCode-FeaturedTruck technicians are coming across P-codes more and more, especially in medium-duty vehicles. So what exactly are they, why is the industry moving in that direction, and how can you look them up in Mitchell 1 products? Well, here are the answers!

  • Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficiency

    Gas-vs-Diesel_featuredTruck fuel efficiency is no simple matter, with many factors to consider. Some of them are out of our control, but here are tips for some of the factors that we can control.

  • Stationary Regeneration – We’ve Got You Covered

    Sample diesel particulate filter system

    The DPF’s function is to trap diesel particulates so they cannot cause pollution. These particulates are usually burnt through normal engine operation (active regeneration), but when temperatures in the system are not high enough to burn thoroughly, these particulates can build up and trigger the “DPF Regen Needed” light to illuminate on your dash.

  • Service Updates – You Bet!

    ServiceUpdatesIt is possible you may be replacing a part that is actually good due to a procedure change or chasing down the wrong component, circuit, etc. Always check the service information for the vehicle procedure you are working on to ensure you have the latest information.