Service Updates – You Bet!

While working as a technician in a shop, I always thought that once I had completed a particular procedure, I pretty much knew how to do it. No need to refer to the manual next time, as I figured that nothing had changed. Boy, I sure was wrong.

ServiceUpdatesAt Mitchell 1, we consistently update service information and procedures with the latest OEM updates. A good case in point is the Engine Aftertreatment System. When it was first used, the service procedures and steps for checking diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) were fairly limited. While doing some recent updates for our TruckSeries product, I discovered some of the troubleshooting steps had changed quite a bit.

Some codes went from 3 or 4 troubleshooting test steps all the way up to 10 to 15 steps. One had actually been updated to include 31 diagnostic steps to complete the procedure! Now that the Aftertreatment System has some highway miles and servicing data, revisions were made for diagnosis.

It is possible you may be replacing a part that is actually good due to a procedure change or chasing down the wrong component, circuit, etc. Always check TruckSeries service information for the vehicle procedure you are working on to ensure you have the latest information. If something still doesn’t look right or you have additional questions, you can contact our Product Content Support team for assistance. They will get you what need, save you some time and help get that truck back on the road.

About the Author

Bruce Cansler

Bruce Cansler started his automotive career in 1973 as a technician for Datsun. He retired from the U.S. Navy as a Seabee Construction Mechanic with 20 active years of service and 10 as a reservist, then spent time working in Ford, Lexus and Caterpillar dealerships. Bruce has obtained ASE certifications in both cars and medium/heavy trucks and has worked with the Commercial Vehicle Group at Mitchell 1 since 2009.