• Do You Hear What I Hear?

    Words have meaning — often multiple meanings and whatever word is used to describe a sound may or may not convey the sound to the interpreter of the word — most often the technician. Mercifully, the context in which the word is used usually helps us to better understand what that particular word means. Learn how Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries can help you “translate” those sounds to make sense.

  • Simple Diagnostic Tricks to Keep Work in Your Bays

    Automotive diagnosticsEven though newer vehicles can be complicated to diagnose and repair (and very expensive to misdiagnose) it’s still very possible – and often profitable – to do the work yourself rather than send it along to the dealership to be fixed.

  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think

    ma_Figure-1_23In diagnosing problems with vehicles, every now and again what one thinks they know blinds them from seeing what is really causing the problem. When this occurs, it typically takes place with a vehicle known for a common failure.

  • No Tricks Needed to Fix It Right the First Time

    Have you ever diagnosed a car while blindfolded? Or fixed a vehicle with one arm tied behind your back? It would be a neat trick. And that’s kind of what it would be like to try to diagnose and repair a complex, modern car without a good resource for repair information at your fingertips. Luckily, […]

  • Finding Misfires On pre-CAN Fords Using Mode $06

    Finding Misfires On pre-CAN Fords Using Mode $06 Motor Age — Do you remember the days of OBDI? For those too young to remember, it was an era plagued with vague codes definitions, plenty of “ghost” codes, limited data access and a lack of standardization among the manufacturers. Many scan tools still offer OBDI connectors […]

  • Diagnosing Diesel No Start Problems

    Diagnosing Diesel No Start Problems Low oil can cause a no start? It just might. Albin Moore/Motor Age — From time to time I get phone calls asking for information. I really love the calls that start something like this: “My diesel pickup won’t start. I parked it at my house last night, and this […]

  • A Conversation about SureTrack – Listen In!

    A Conversation about SureTrack – Listen In! Our own Pat Merg, Mitchell 1’s Sr. Manager of Information, had a chance last week to sit down and talk about SureTrack via a live Google “Hangout” with Pete Meier, Technical Editor of MotorAge Magazine. Among other things, they chatted about challenges facing technicians today in the age […]

  • Using Diagnostic Time

    Using Diagnostic Time This time really is valuable and not a loss leader like you might think. Brian Canning/Motor Age — Probably one of the most misused and abused members of the technician team in many shops is the diagnostic technician. I am not talking about inexperienced and unskilled guy that we through at weird […]