What Software Does Your Auto Repair Shop Need?

There are a lot of balls to juggle when running your auto repair shop – diagnostics, repair procedures, scheduling, estimating, operations, invoicing, payroll, vendor management & parts ordering, sales, and marketing – just to name a few. Luckily, there are plenty of automotive repair software options designed specifically to help you organize your auto repair business, save time, and improve your efficiency.

So, what type of software can help you run your auto repair shop?

Auto repair informationRepair Information:

The most efficient and accurate way to repair vehicles is by using a combination of OEM repair data and procedures along with real-world insights from professional technicians who have solved the same vehicle issues in their shops. ProDemand offers the best of both worlds: Complete OEM information with SureTrack expert Real Fixes, delivered together in a single lookup.


You need software to help your technicians quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle issues. ProDemand® with SureTrack® helps cut down your diagnosis time with features like Real Fixes, the Top 10 Repair List, and ProView. All of these features use real data from professional auto repair technicians all over the country to help you quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle problems and identify the necessary components and procedures to fix them.


Software that helps you manage your business operations is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness. Beyond the actual repairs, there are many moving parts involved in running an auto repair business: estimating, repair orders, parts orders, inspections, accounting, scheduling, customer interactions, and a whole lot of documentation… just to name a few.

Mitchell 1’s comprehensive shop management software solution, Manager™ SE, can help you manage all aspects of your auto repair business. Core features include fast and accurate estimates, electronic parts catalogs, point-and-click appointment scheduling, customer engagement tools, and powerful integrated business reports. Add-on solutions to Manager™ SE that can enhance shop efficiency include:

  • Mobile ManagerPro™,  a fully wireless system that integrates your shop management software onto tablet devices, allowing you to input and receive important shop data right at the vehicle.
  • ProPack, an optional customer communication toolbox that provides a selection of engagement and reporting tools to help you connect with customers.
  • XCharge automated credit and debit card payment processing, accessed directly through Manager SE. Software solutions like these help you be more organized, save time, and reduce hassle and errors while managing your operation.

Customer Relationship ManagementAuto repair shop CRM (CRM):

You need CRM software to enhance your customer engagement & service. Keeping existing customers is vital to the success of your business, and communication is the key. Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM service makes that easy with automated service reminders, thank-you notes, and targeted email offers. Social CRM also helps you attract new customers by giving you increased exposure online with authentic customer reviews, Internet visibility strategies, and more.

Shop Marketing:

You can grow your business with little or no effort with marketing services that help your company get in front of customers. The SocialCRM shop marketing service assigns you a personal support agent who will help you automate your marketing, reputation management, social media, and customer communications. They will do all the heavy lifting to deliver target market promotions, implement Internet visibility strategies, and send mobile-friendly email blasts so your customers can receive your messages anywhere, any time.

Your website is your opportunity to make a good first impression with your customers and prospects. So it’s important to make it professional. We offer professional business website solutions designed for auto repair shops, including Web design and content management. We make it easy for you by creating websites based on templates tailored to auto repair professionals. We bolster your website with search engine visibility strategies, personalized support, and social media links.

Truck Service Information:

If you service commercial trucks, you need software to help you estimate labor costs, diagnose and repair medium and heavy trucks. TruckSeries provides access to comprehensive service information for Class 4-8 trucks, including mechanical labor estimating, DTC repair procedures, repair information, digital photos of components and locations, and color wiring diagrams – all in one application, making it a vital tool for truck repairs.