Top 10 Repairs List Helps You Gain Auto Repair Insights

When a client brings a car into your shop with a problem, the first thing you have to do is find out the symptoms they’re experiencing. Then, you have to translate that into a diagnosis so you can begin the repair. Without any information beyond the client’s description of the problem, it can take some time to diagnose the root cause, and identify the components you need to replace to solve the issue.

Luckily, you can quickly gain insight into how to repair your client’s car by drawing on the experiences of other auto repair technicians. The Top 10 Repairs list in ProDemand® is a good place to start when developing a repair or maintenance plan for a vehicle. The list allows you to learn from the collective wisdom of many other auto care professionals, and cut down your diagnostic time.

Top 10 lists in ProDemand auto repair information

The Top 10 Repairs list is actually broken down into four lists that give you tons of valuable vehicle repair information. When you select the year/make/model in ProDemand, you will see: The 10 most commonly replaced components, the most common DTCs, the most common symptoms, and the top search lookups related to that specific vehicle (see example above). The data for all of these lists comes from real repairs, so you have real insight into the work other auto repair technicians are performing on the vehicle that you have in your bay.

The Top 10 Repairs list gives you more information than just the problems – click on any of the items in the four categories, and you will see detailed OEM repair information alongside insights from SureTrack. SureTrack provides records of real industry fixes, so you can transition from discovering a symptom to seeing how that symptom was dealt with, and the most common parts that other auto repair professionals replaced to fix the issue. By drawing on the insight and experience of other auto repair professionals, you can cut down your diagnosis time and complete repairs faster and with more confidence.

You can also use the Top 10 Repairs list to provide better service to your customers, and perhaps add work to repair orders. The real-world information in SureTrack can reveal hidden issues that could be fixed now to prevent a problem later.

For instance, a vehicle arrives at your shop for routine maintenance, and you look at the common symptoms, DTCs, search lookups, and component repairs for the vehicle. You see trends and know what to ask your customer to see if they have noticed any of the warning signs of potential issues. Perhaps the coolant leaks in many vehicles of the same model as your customer’s. Knowing this allows you to ask your customer if they notice any issues with the coolant system such as coolant pooling underneath the parked car.

Asking customers about problems common with their car helps them be more proactive about their auto maintenance, so that they don’t have larger issues in the future. It also allows you to add more work to existing orders by taking care of problems that your customers might not have mentioned otherwise.

The Top 10 Repairs list is a great place to start your diagnostic process, so you can get your customers back on the road quicker, while providing great customer service.


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