Save Time Tracking Down Specialized Tools

Before starting a job, most technicians determine what tools and equipment will be needed to complete that job. For the most part, the tools needed for the procedure will be readily available in the technician’s roll-around cart or toolbox. Likewise, the shop will have the proper hoists, stands and other equipment shops typically provide. Yet, as engines grow increasingly more sophisticated, more specialized tools are needed for each specific engine.

When going through procedures in the truck repair information, TruckSeries will point out special tools needed as the steps are followed. To save technicians even more time in the servicing process, at the top of engine information for most heavy trucks, we have included a heading called “Special Tools.”

Special Tools in Truck Series


Under this heading is a table listing all of the tools specific to that engine or engine manufacturer that technicians do not usually have in a standard toolset.

Special Tools in Truck Series

This table provides a handy reference that may be printed and taken to the parts department or tool room when getting these tools. This is much easier than looking through the procedure and writing all the numbers down, saving you valuable time.

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Jake Schell

Jake Schell is the Associate Product Manager for Mitchell 1’s commercial vehicle product line. He has been with Mitchell 1 since 2001. Prior to coming to Mitchell 1, Jake spent 20 years as a technician, with Chevrolet Master certification in the transmission category as well as ASE certifications in both car and truck.