Commercial Truck Repair Information

TruckSeries delivers our exclusive, best-in-class truck repair information for Class 4-8 trucks in a single location. With the TruckSeries commercial truck repair guide at your fingertips, you can speed up repairs, increase the number of repairs your techs can do, and keep trucks rolling through your bays. Now you can stop flipping pages in those old printed commercial truck repair manuals, swapping disks or calling a service line. You’ll have complete, automatically updated and enhanced information whenever you want it.

1Search™ Plus

Our latest innovation to improve your information lookup, 1Search Plus, takes your repair information to a whole new level of intelligence with advanced search technology that scans the vast database of Mitchell 1 content and returns only the specific information you need. It’s all targeted to the Class 4-8 truck in your bay and streamlined in an easy-to-use graphical design.

Select a vehicle, enter a search term, and 1Search Plus returns information in a unique, user-friendly layout that resembles the apps you see on a smartphone. The card-based format presents targeted results in specific categories, leading you directly to the information you want and cutting out the clutter.

NEW: Interactive Wiring Diagrams

The powerful wiring diagrams in TruckSeries now include interactive features that build on intelligent navigation that takes you directly to the specific diagram for the component you searched for — with traces automatically highlighted! Get into the diagnostic fast lane — wiring diagrams have never been so complex or so easy to navigate!

Truck repair professionals have loved Mitchell 1 wiring diagrams for generations. Now there is even more to love! The full set of interactive features includes:

  • Component names in the diagrams are active links that connect directly to complete component information.
  • After performing a 1Search, TruckSeries takes you directly to the wiring diagram associated with your search term. Even if the diagram has multiple pages, we’ll drop you off on the specific page. When you open that diagram, all wires from that component will automatically be highlighted.
  • The ability to toggle highlighting of associated wires for any component without having to click each wire separately.
  • A simplified view of complex diagrams with highlighting that extends across all the pages until the wire reaches its termination point.
  • Zoom and orientation are maintained across multiple pages, streamlining navigation.
  • When performing a deep dive into a wiring diagram, hidden wires appear faded but do not disappear entirely, providing detail while preserving the big picture view.


Get all makes coverage from 1990 forward, in one location, with one login. You can use the time you save looking up information to repair more medium and heavy trucks in your shop.


With TruckSeries, you can take the guesswork out of your next truck repair job. Full-color high resolution digital pictures of components, connector views and locations are included, giving you access to the industry’s best real-world insights, before you even pick up a wrench.


Finding the specific torque specifications you need for the job can quickly become a hassle. With TruckSeries there is no more hunting around for specifications separately — with context-sensitive specifications, torque specs are always available for your current vehicle lookup.

User-friendly Interface

Tired of trying to remember each OEM’s particular approach to information? With TruckSeries, you’ll find all our exclusive, best-in-class repair information presented in one consistent, easy-to-use format across all of our digital commercial truck repair information.

Automatic Updates

New content is automatically added every 30 days, so you can rest assured knowing that you have the most up-to-date repair information without the hassle of manually installing update data via disks.

Universal Technical Institute

Many photos used in the TruckSeries products are made possible by the generous support of Universal Technical Institute.