Optimizing Your Facebook Page with Insights – Overview

Putting the Overview Tab to Work for You (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of posts that will walk you through the various tools in Facebook that help you ensure that your content is visible — and relevant — to the customers who like your page.

As your Facebook page starts to grow, it’s a good idea to keep track of the progress. The Facebook Insights Overview tab gives you a quick snapshot of your metrics. Similar to the Dashboard feature on your SocialCRM Reports (located at www.m1socialcrm.com), the Facebook Overview tab gives you a summary of the most recent activity on your Facebook page. You can dive deeper into each of the summaries presented in this section by clicking on the section header. You’re able to choose how far back you would like to see data — click the drop-down menu located on the upper left, next to “Page Summary.”


Page Summary

Once selected, you can view Page Summary data for that specific date range. Below is what these metrics will look like:

Note: This graph is only available when selecting the option, “Last 28 days” from the drop-down menu

Note: This graph is only available when selecting the option, “Last 28 days” from the drop-down menu

The area that I would like to bring particular attention to is the “People” section. This is useful to look at because not only does it indicate your largest target audience (people who like and follow your page), it also makes you aware of how they are accessing your page, either via desktop or mobile device (smartphones or tablets).

Knowing this information is important as you can target your marketing campaigns according to the devices your audience is using.

Recent Posts

Scrolling down the Overview page brings you to the Recent Posts table, a great tool that lists your latest posts along with their performance. Targeting, Reach, and Engagement are all metrics that are available for you to get a feel for which posts are performing well, and which posts are not.  You can then adjust your content to include more posts like the ones that are getting good engagement.


Pages to Watch

Scroll down a bit more, and you’ll reach the “Pages to Watch” section. In this section, you are able to monitor certain pages that are similar to your Facebook page. Typically, good pages to watch would be your competitors. It’s also beneficial to add local businesses that have the same target market as yourself. This gives you a competitive advantage as you can see how they are performing from a “Likes” and “Engagement” perspective. Knowing this information is very helpful as it will allow you to tailor your social media posts to the likes and interests of your customers – or visitor that you would like to become your customers.


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