Maximize Efficiency with 1Search Plus: A Powerful Search Engine that Streamlines Auto Repair

Maximizing Efficiency with 1Search Plus to Streamline Your Auto Repair - ProDemand

When performing diagnostics and repairs on vehicles, it is essential to have quick access to relevant and consistent auto repair information. Fortunately, Mitchell 1 has made it effortless to find the necessary information with the help of ProDemand’s exclusive 1Search Plus feature. As the industry’s most powerful search engine, 1Search Plus acts as a smart information hub to help technicians work more efficiently and intelligently.

1Search Plus simplifies search-and-navigation for a specific vehicle and presents the relevant information in a user-friendly format. By selecting the type of vehicle and entering the required repair search term, technicians can obtain complete service information in a unique graphical card format.

ProDemand not only provides on-demand access to the latest OEM repair information, but it also delivers real-world insights based on millions of repair records from professional technicians. Since OEM and real-world information are presented together on a single page, technicians can find the right information without wasting time scrolling on their computer.

The intuitive cards format of 1Search Plus delivers targeted results at their fingertips based on the most popular searched terms. It provides information such as vehicle specifications, test procedures, component connector information, component locations, labor estimating, and more.

How Does 1Search Plus Work?

Designed specifically for the automotive repair industry, 1Search Plus retrieves the most relevant repair information from the expansive database and presents it in terms familiar to repair technicians. To begin the search, technicians select a vehicle, and 1Search Plus delivers the most relevant data in a the card-based layout. The diagnostic and repair information are presented on a single page, allowing technicians to drill down using familiar search terms like YMM, component, and code.

1Search Plus Module in ProDemand

ProDemand speaks the same language as the technician to cut through the clutter and provide the most relevant information. 1Search Plus leverages advanced taxonomy to understand various terms used for the same part, allowing technicians to easily and quickly locate information for a given component. The search engine returns the most detailed OEM and other repair information using conventional shop terminology.

For instance, General Motors technicians often refer to an alternator as a “generator,” and BMW techs refer to a fuel pump as a “fuel lift pump.” But with 1Search Plus, no matter what you choose to call it, ProDemand understands what you mean.

The search module is the first step for discovering how 1Search Plus helps your shop perform the safest and most accurate repairs faster.

1Search Plus Module

Simply enter the type of vehicle your shop is repairing, and the platform will direct you to the 1Search Plus module.

Select one of the navigation options to begin a detailed search:

    • Search Box

1SearchPlus Search Engine in ProDemand

The search box conveniently located at the top of the page provides a quick and easy way to jump to the most relevant repair information. Enter a code, symptom, part number, component, or other search term to get a big-picture view of the repair and every detail. Searched terms may vary depending on the verbiage you’re familiar with, but as mentioned,  the advanced search engine will provide various options that are commonly associated with the term being searched for.

    • Quick Links Toolbar

Quick Links in 1Search Plus

Quick Links deliver the most commonly requested repair information in the database. Repair technicians will find the most relevant information for the specific repair process. From the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) repair and calibration information to complete OEM service manuals, technicians can quickly access precisely what they need for faster repairs.

The OEM repair database helps streamline diagnostics, repairs and calibration of ADAS-equipped vehicles. Technicians simply click the ADAS Quick Link to get in-depth consolidated ADAS repair information in a single location.

    • Top Ten Lists

Top Lists for easy navigation in 1SearchPlus

1Search Plus guides auto repair technicians step-by-step to confidently handle repairs using data analysis from the field. The repair software uses data from real repair orders for commonly replaced components, DTCs, and symptoms, plus Top Search lookups associated with the search term.

Search Results Page

The search results page delivers OEM and real-world information on a single page to give technicians a big-picture view of the repair process. Like the search module page, the results page is divided into convenient sections for quick access to more detailed repair information.

Helpful Search Results with advanced 1Search Plus

Most technicians will find the layout and content of the search results page easy to navigate because the information is presented in a similar format to popular search engines like Google. The most relevant search results appear in the left column, and related results appear in the right column. The bottom section of the page displays additional results for the search term.

Card Page

User-friendly card layout for easy access to repair and diagnostic information_1Search Plus

Each module within the card-based layout provides information matching the familiar diagnostic and workflow processes technicians use and understand. The card content contains comprehensive OEM repair information and essential insights from other professionals via SureTrack Real Fixes.

Intuitive Search for Streamlined Auto Repairs

How can 1Search Plus make your auto shop more efficient? A search engine that thinks like a repair technician and covers nearly every repair is a solid foundation for a streamlined shop. Imagine having the repair information you need, when you need it; from big-picture overviews to finely-tuned calibration tips.

When you need to maximize your shop’s efficiency and profitability, ProDemand and 1Search Plus are an unbeatable combo. All the most current OEM repair information, real-world insights, and other essential data will be at your fingertips. From advanced and detailed diagnostics to recommended procedures, when you partner with Mitchell 1, your shop gets the latest step-by-step guidance for safe, accurate auto repairs.

Up-to-Date OEM and Real-World Repair Information

From the latest TSBs and recalls to tips from auto repair specialists, 1Search Plus makes it easy to get the most essential information quickly. The collaboration of Mitchell 1 technology, major automakers, and pros in the field create the most advanced resource ever for automotive repair.

SureTrack® Real Fixes

SureTrack Real Fixes from Auto Professionals with 1Search Plus

The SureTrack community provides unique perspectives and proven techniques from auto repair pros to enhance even the most experienced technicians’ skills. The interactive network of thousands of pros is the ideal complement to the latest OEM repair information for detailed diagnostics and state-of-the-art repairs.

Current OEM Repair Information

Up-to-date OEM information is vital for streamlining repairs. Automotive repair software is indispensable for safe, accurate and profitable repairs on even the most advanced vehicles. In addition to 1Search Plus, ProDemand gives your shop the edge it needs with real-time repair information and updated tools like the Advanced Interactive Wiring Diagrams.

ProDemand helps technicians save time diagnosing component and system issues with up-to-date OEM repair information seamlessly integrated with real-world insights. When your shop invests in such a winning combination, greater productivity and improved efficiency are part of the package.

Put Technology to Work in Your Auto Shop

It’s more important today than ever for repair shops to be streamlined and armed with the latest repair information and other technology. Ensuring a smooth workflow is the foundation for an efficient repair process — and that takes new knowledge and a modern approach. Where do auto shops turn to find that knowledge? They turn to the most advanced and comprehensive database for nearly every repair—ProDemand Repair Information.

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