Emily Bradsher’s Unexpected Rise in the Truck Service Industry

Oceanside Truck Service | Western Diesel, LLC


Meet Emily Bradsher, owner and manager of Western Diesel, Oceanside Truck Service, located just north of San Diego, California. As a female in a male-dominated industry, Emily has successfully navigated the tough truck repair industry through her customer-centric approach, combined with Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries repair software, to deliver top-quality service, surpassing competitors.

Emily Bradsher, Owner Oceanside Truck Service | Western Diesel, LLC

Ever since she can remember, Emily Bradsher has had profound interest in the roaring engines and sleek frames of automobiles. It’s a passion deeply intertwined with her creative spirit, as she reveals, “The artistry and allure of hot rods and lightning-fast cars have always inspired me.” Hopeful these interests would flourish into a career, she stepped into the field of autobody.

In the early 2000s, as Emily embarked on her journey in Auto Collision Repair Finishing, her college auto shop teacher decided to pull her aside. Sharing his insights of her potential and encouraging Emily to continue in the industry, ignited a fire within her. Hearing that type of remark from an industry professional had her hooked!

When looking back today, Emily never envisioned herself as the owner of a successful “dirty diesel” truck repair service. At first glance, with her charming smile and captivating lashes, Emily defies the conventional image of a tough truck shop owner.

This initial impression has even led some to underestimate her, assuming she’s merely the pretty face welcoming customers, rather than the brains behind the entire operation. However, those who’ve made this assumption are quickly taken aback when noticing under warm presence lies a powerful determination and a wealth of knowledge that commands respect.

According to Emily, “As a woman, you have to get over that hump of people not taking what you initially say as valuable. Respect needs to be earned, but it doesn’t take long when you know what you’re talking about and are knowledgeable in your field.”

Consistently standing head-and-shoulders above her peers when it comes to competence and expertise, Emily proves time and again she is someone who is not to be underestimated.

What She Brings to the Table

Other than demonstrating great managerial skill, the story of Emily Bradsher is one of triumph over adversity. Her childhood, though filled with obstacles, has shaped her into the resilient individual she is today. Through sheer determination, Emily refused to let circumstances define her. Instead, she used them as fuel to ignite her passion for the automotive industry.

Emily has capitalized on her strong point as a woman in the organization, particularly through customer service, to grow the customer base and establish herself as a successful shop owner. “Traditionally, I feel that as women, we tend to be more customer service based. We’re people pleasers by nature,” she said.

Unfortunately, people occasionally assume niceness equates to weakness. But with any difficult situation, Emily has developed a tactical skill of firmly communicating her capabilities and limitations, with a smile on her face. Emily’s warm demeanor has even caught a few off-guard, but has ultimately instilled confidence in her clients; showing her kindness as a strength that can be wielded to navigate even the toughest of industries.

“I’ve been told by customers that the reason they keep on coming back is because we treat them like they’re family; We respect them and respect what they do. I don’t know if you’d get personal care like this anywhere else, I really pride myself on that. We all do at our shop.” – Emily

Oceanside Truck Service Operations

Emily’s passion for pleasing customers and respecting her employees have been the cornerstone of Oceanside Truck Service’s success. Under her management, the company has grown from serving smaller trucks and owner-operators to obtaining military and government contracts, allowing them to work on larger-scale projects with specialty, road maintenance, and local fire department vehicles.

The trusted, highly-rated Oceanside shop services all trucks from F250s all the way up to semis and bigger (Class 4-8). The three dedicated, high-quality technicians with over 40 years of experience between them, enable the shop to offer a variety of services for all truck repair and maintenance needs. Services include; Oil & Fuel Filter Service, Brake Inspection and Repairs, DOT, BIT and CHP Inspections, EGR Cooler Replacements, DPF Filters, Diagnostics, and more!

Emily ensures her technicians at Oceanside Truck Service have developed a personal relationship with their customers, and they take pride in providing top-notch service to prevent breakdowns.

“We know our customers, and I think that fosters a profound respect among our technicians, who are driven by a collective mission: to safeguard the well-being of our valued customers. With this shared unwavering commitment, our team ensures that those who place their trust in us receive a level of care and excellence that sets us apart from the rest.” – Emily

Getting Her Start

Amidst the storm of the 2008 financial crisis, Emily Bradsher found herself at a crossroads. But with unwavering determination, she forged ahead, starting anew in Oceanside, and navigating from shop to shop, searching for her calling. Fate intervened when she arrived at Oceanside Truck Service, where the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself.

The original owner had unfortunately fallen ill, and with few options ahead, he turned to Emily – an industry friend whom he had come to trust and admire. Emily fearlessly accepted the challenge, demonstrating immense resilience and adaptability. When the former owner passed away, she was incredibly grateful for the support and kindness of the shop’s family members and was determined to carry on the founder’s legacy by keeping the shop’s original name.

Technology Fueling Success

Oceanside Truck Service gratefully receives a significant amount of positive word-of-mouth, which is undoubtedly valuable. However, as Emily puts it, “Simply relying on word-of-mouth alone won’t contribute to the growth and success of our shop if we’re not operating efficiently.”

Emily noted that she’s built a successful business with the help of her team and an industry-leading truck maintenance and management solution from Mitchell 1. She says that the web-based TruckSeries product and its Manager SE Truck Edition shop management software have streamlined their maintenance service for class 4-8 and heavy-duty trucks; thus, enabling operational growth.

Her three professional techs love using TruckSeries repair information, including wiring diagrams, to easily find what they’re looking for and make the repair quickly. Emily shares, “Efficiency becomes an integral part of driving the shop’s growth, alongside healthy customer reviews.” The two go hand-in-hand, working in synergy to optimize operations and ensure long-term success.

Additionally, using Manager SE Truck Edition, Emily has been able to customize the platform according to her requirements and make the system work for her. Even though she had never used the system prior to starting at Oceanside Truck Services, she states it was the easiest system to learn.

Emily remarks, “Mitchell 1 is vital to my operations and is the most user-friendly and easily adaptable. It really allowed me to easily manage everything and expand our operations.”

About Mitchell 1

At Mitchell 1, our customers are at the center of everything we do. We listen and bring solutions to market that truly simplify their tasks and improve efficiency so they can not only fix more cars but also grow their bottom line. Plus, we’re car people, so we understand the challenges auto repair shops face. And we know that improving efficiency is essential to increasing productivity – and ultimately, profits.

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