Don’t Forget Google+

Don’t Forget Google+

Does your shop have a Google+ page yet? While Facebook may still have more name recognition, Google+ is quickly catching up with the number of total users and is now recognized as the number two social media site, having already surpassed Twitter. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus among social media experts on the number of active users, but a recent estimate puts Google+ at between 500 million and 1 billion users, compared to Facebook’s 1.5+ billion users.

Combine this growth with the undeniable fact that Google is the number one Search Engine in the world, and it’s clear that it’s important for your shop to have a presence here. Having a Google+ page is a great way to make sure your business can easily be found by consumers on Google and Google+ Local (also called Google Local). And the price is right – it’s completely free!

If you’re ready to get started, below are some resources to walk you through the steps of creating your Google+ page. Quick tip: we’ve found that Google+ behaves best on the Chrome browser, so use that to set up and access your page.

  1. Get your business on Google+ for free:
  2. Create a local Google+ page:
  3. 10 Easy Steps to Help You Claim Your Google+ Local Listing:–local-listing.cfm
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