Appointment Reminder Emails…You Schedule and We’ll Send!

Appointment Reminder Emails…You Schedule and We’ll Send!

Have you heard?? Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM service is now sending email appointment reminders to your customers for you. You schedule it and we’ll send it!

Here’s how it works: we pull the appointments that you scheduled in your shop’s management system (either Manager 5.9 or SE ) and queue up the reminder emails to be sent the day of the appointment and/or any number of days in advance that you choose. See the “Appointment Configuration Options” image below for a glimpse at how easy it is to set up and customize your reminder emails. By default, we send the first reminder email five days before the scheduled service and then a second reminder email on the day of the appointment. This is a great tool to help prevent no-shows, and you don’t even have to think about it.

The customization option screen for appointment reminder emails.

Here are just a few benefits of email appointment reminders:

Save time
Customers often forget the time and date of their scheduled appointment and will call the shop to confirm . The email appointment reminders save both you and your customers time. You schedule it and we’ll send it and your customers have it right at their fingertips.

Stay in touch with customers
Automating the reminder process with emails is also a great way of staying in touch your customers and maintaining a steady flow of business to your shop. There’s no need to send those labor-intensive reminder postcards to keep your customers engaged.

Enhance efficiency & convenience
These automated reminder emails tie in nicely with the SocialCRM online appointment scheduling system. Your customer can set their own appointments and then receive a reminder automatically.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of our online appointment feature, please contact your support agent today to find out more.

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