Do You REALLY Need to Respond to Your Positive Reviews?

At the heart of the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service are consumer reviews. Not just any reviews – verified reviews. Mitchell 1 partners with SureCritic, a leading provider of verified reviews for the automotive industry, to deliver these authentic reviews about your business. So you know the reviews are “real” – not written by some kid playing on the Internet or a competitor trying to steal business. This is your customer posting a review based on their actual experience at your shop (sourced from their closed invoice).

Positive Consumer Review with Response

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So, let’s say the review is positive. There’s nothing to resolve, no concerns, they truly had a great experience. Kudos to you and the business you run! So why take the time to answer back, when all they’re doing is saying how good things were?

First, review responses help you engage with existing customers and build consumer loyalty, but we’ll circle back to that. Review responses also help with your shop’s Internet presence, and that is a key reason why it’s important to respond to your customer reviews.

You might say that you’re too busy to respond; you have a lot to do running a business. We know that’s true, but here’s something to keep in mind. Every review you receive is because your customer made the choice and made the effort to provide their feedback. They didn’t have to take the time out of their day. They’re busy too — with kids, jobs and other responsibilities. That time they took to sit in front of their keyboard or type on their smartphone could just as well have been used somewhere else. But they did it for you, to show their appreciation for what you did for them.

Now, imagine how they’ll feel if you answer back with even a simple “Thank you for your kind words.” You actually took the time to thank them for taking the time. It’s a small gesture with a big impact. It makes your 5-Star reviewer feel like a 10-Star customer. It’s an opportunity to delight your customer!

The great news is that it’s really easy to respond to reviews straight from the Mitchell 1 Manager SE auto shop management software. In Manager SE, just click the “SocialCRM Reports” button with the highlighted star, and you’ll go directly to your consumer review dashboard where you can write your reply.


Now, here’s the bigger picture. Imagine that a prospective customer is looking for the best place to have their car serviced and goes online to read reviews. They find your SureCritic Review page and not only do they see actual customer reviews, they also see your replies. They see that you are paying attention and responding — you are a real person. There’s no better way to add personal touch to your business.

Plus, being proactive online helps keep your Internet presence alive and healthy. When you engage with customers via their reviews, you are increasing your business’s visibility when other customers search for an auto repair shop.

So, to ask the question again: Do you really need to respond to your positive reviews? Yes, you do. It’s one of the most important ways you can connect with your current customers and also bring new customers to your business.

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