The When, How and Why of Responding to Customer Reviews

The When, How and Why of Responding to Customer Reviews

Responding and managing customer reviews might seem like a no-brainer, but when, how and why you respond can have a big impact on your engagement with customers and your shop’s online reputation. Many shop owners have experience with leaving reviews as consumers but may be unsure what to do with reviews about their own business.

Here are some tips about the when, how and why of responding to your customer reviews:

When – Always respond to reviews as quickly as you can. This shows you are actively involved with the review program and that you make it a priority to listen to your customers and ensure they are happy with the services performed at your shop.

How – Through your SocialCRM business review page, of course! Seriously, HOW you respond to your customers’ reviews can have a large impact on whether or not a potential customer will give you their business — or refer your shop to others. Consumers want to see that not only is the business owner or manager at the shop responding to the reviews, but what is being said. Do you respond with the same message to all of the positive and negative reviews or are your responses tailored to the specific customer or review? Showing a personal touch in your responses will demonstrate that you care and are actively tuned in to each customer’s individual needs.

Why – Many business owners respond to reviews thinking that the main outcome will be how happy the customer will be when they see the response. Of course it’s a good thing to make your customers feel you appreciate their business and also put a smile on their face with a great response. But there are many other benefits as well. Responding to reviews gives potential customers who read your reviews a sneak peek at how you deal with both positive and negative feedback and the steps you take to make sure your patrons are cared for and satisfied.

Your response to low score reviews will show a potential customer reading the reviews how you deal with an unsatisfied customer. Are you willing to work with a customer or are you defensive and just stating “your side” of the story? Ultimately, customers want to be assured that you are willing to work with them to resolve an issue if something were to arise during or after the vehicle repair.

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