Component Identification

When it comes to trucks and cars, they have a lot of similarities, especially in repair, but they also have a lot of differences. To make matters even more difficult, each truck is similar in nature to the next truck, but these too can have major differences between even two of the same model of truck— different engines, transmissions, differentials, axles, hubs, ABS system, alternators, starters, turbochargers and many other components. This is because the buyer has a lot of options when outfitting a new truck. Of course, as a truck repair guru, you probably already knew this.

However, when you are working on what seems like the Frankenstein of trucks, you may need to call in to support to find the right information in your truck repair information. This might require you to be able to identify a part or piece.  I have taken the liberty of grabbing a few images from TruckSeries to use as examples on where to locate the correct components and tag locations.

Most images can be found under the headings “Component Location” or “Component Identification.” Identifying the component information you need helps you quickly select the correct service information. Once you have the correct service or repair information, you can easily complete the required repairs. Make the most of Mitchell1 Truck Series and take advantage of all the different options available to assist you with all your service and repair needs.

Note: When finding the tags, you may want to grab some cleaner and a rag, but be careful to clean gently. The information may be able to rub off easily.

Engine Control Module in Truck Series for commercial truck repairAllison Transmission and Eaton Transmission repair diagrams and partsStarter and Alternator of commercial truck

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