ABS Module/System Identification

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You have a truck with an ABS fault code reading on your scan tool, so you head to your truck repair information for diagnostic information and troubleshooting procedures. In this example, we will be using our Mitchell 1 Truck Series. Once inside TruckSeries and after navigating to the diagnostic info and procedures, locate the table of contents; it will provide you with a variety of systems available. So how do you identify which ABS  system you are working on? Let’s take a quick look.

ABS Module Part Number Identification Tag

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The easiest way to identify your system is to grab a flashlight, along with a clean rag and some cleaner, and head over to the truck. Be prepared to do a bit of crawling around under the truck. Modules are generally frame or cab mounted.

Once you have located the module, look on the top or side for the Identification Tag. If it is dirty, lightly rub it clean. Go easy, as you don’t want to rub off the information. Information on the tag usually contains the OEM name, part number, ECU Version and system configuration.

Antilock Brake Modules List

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With this information, select your system configuration in the table of contents. Now that you have identified the correct troubleshooting and repair information you can proceed with the diagnosis and repair procedures with confidence. No more guesswork required.

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