TMC Recommended
Practices (RPs)

Delivering the Value of RPs at the Point of Need, Only through TruckSeries

For five decades, the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has played a significant role in providing technology and maintenance guidance to the commercial trucking industry through its Recommended Practices (RP) manuals. TMC’s highly valued RPs have served as an industry standard, offering comprehensive information for addressing vehicle issues related to electrical, tire and wheel, engines, chassis and brake systems.

RPs are a Click Away in TruckSeries!

Today, this comprehensive resource comprising over 500 technical documents — is just a click away in TruckSeries. Through a single log-in, technicians can access all the information they need to diagnose and complete repairs for any year and make of medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Users can quickly identify and reference the appropriate RPs for any given job via the program’s 1Search Plus card-based format or through the Service Manual view. Once a vehicle is selected in TruckSeries and a component is identified, the 1Search Plus view will include an index card for “Recommended Practices,” which lists RP’s that are associated with the vehicle and component.

Major Benefits of Online Accessibility:

  • Makes it easier than ever for technicians to find specific information with a single search
  • Improves shop efficiency and productivity: That’s what Mitchell 1 is all about!
  • Facilitates a broader adoption of industry best practices to help ensure accurate, quality repairs

The TruckSeries suite of software for the medium and heavy-duty trucking segments helps service professionals estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4 through 8 trucks. This all-in-one online solution delivers comprehensive information for every stage of the repair process, including intelligent diagnostics, accurate mechanical labor times, and tools like color wiring diagrams, digital photographs, testing steps and connector views.

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