System Requirements

The following are the recommended requirements for Mitchell 1 products. These requirements are subject to change with new releases and updates.

ProDemand (including TruckSeries)

High Speed internet access
Latest Versions of the following browsers:
· Chrome
· Firefox
· Edge

Desktop computers:
· 1280 x 800 screen resolution

Mobile devices:
· 7” Screen, 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Mobile ManagerPro

High Performance Wireless Router – Wireless must be secured and must not block LAN connectivity via wireless isolation nor port/protocol blocking in its firewall. Wireless coverage should have strong signal in all areas, including outside, where a Service Advisor or Technician will come in to contact with the vehicle. Wireless access points may be required at different, strategically located, points to achieve this. Only one device on the network should control DHCP (IP Address Assignment). If more than one device controls DHCP, this will create multiple sub-nets on the shops LAN and wireless devices will only work when connected to the same device that the data host machine is connected to. All computers on the network should be behind the same router that is issuing DHCP.

The data host machine should have a high end multi-core processor with 8GB RAM or more. This allows for a better user experience. Lower end processors with smaller amounts of RAM will work but will not perform as quickly. Remember that SQL server is designed for many concurrent connections. What point would it be to have a lower end CPU with smaller amounts of RAM hosting a SQL server database if all those concurrent connections have to wait in line to process? Again, it will work, just not as fast.

Mobile Device – Android OS version 4.2.2 or better with a 5 megapixel or better rear facing camera.


Memory: 2GB • Processor 2GHz Dual Core • Disk 300MB • Internet High Speed

Operating System
Windows® 10

.NET 4.0 Full Framework • Crystal Reports 2010 Runtime Reporting Engine • Dymo Label Writer Software

Dymo Label Writer 450 Turbo • Zebra TLP 2824 • Zebra TLP 2824 Plus • Zebra-Cobra Striker

Optional Hardware
DYMO Label Writer 450 Turbo• Zebra TLP 2824 • Zebra TLP 2824 Plus • Zebra – Cobra Striker

Accounting Link

Shop Management Software:
Manager SE, Manager SE Truck Edition or TeamWorks SE

Accounting Software:
QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online (not available in Canada), Peachtree®, DacEasy®, Sage 50®, Epicor®, AccPac®, MAS90®, Great Plains®, Simply Accounting®, Multiledger®

Operating System:
Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Windows® 10

Manager Enterprise Pro

Manager Enterprise Pro requires Windows® computers running Windows® 7 SP1, 8 and 10 running Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800, a suitable Windows printer, and a stable hi-speed Internet connection. Manager Enterprise Pro is compatible with Windows 8.1 tablets, but is not compatible with Windows® RT, Android, or IOS.