Your Consumer Reviews Are Now Being Distributed

Your Consumer Reviews Are Now Being Distributed

Consumer Reviews – The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing
It’s difficult to overstate the value of collecting consumer reviews for your aftermarket repair shop. The benefits seem almost too good to be true – but they’re not. One of the primary reasons for this exceptional marketing value is that reviews represent the best kind of content for search engine relevancy. That means that a business with a lot of review content on the Internet is more likely to be found by the search engines than a business with only a few reviews.

And search engine relevancy is only the beginning of the benefits. Consider how Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM review feature encourages your existing customers to market your business for you by sharing their positive review with their friends and family, or how you can share your business’s commitment to quality with the entire world by including this language in your reviews responses. This remarkable marketing exposure is yours for the taking simply by leveraging your established good reputation and Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM service.

You Want to Borrow My Swiss Army Knife?
In fact, reviews are so valued that many local search directory websites such as Yellowbook, SuperPages and CitySearch will license or “syndicate” reviews from other sites to give their own websites more relevancy to the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This makes sense because when a consumer then does a Google/Yahoo search, one of these local search directories is listed in the results; having valuable review content makes it more likely that a consumer will stick around on their site. Yes – your review content is THAT valuable to them.

We Are Now Distributing Your Reviews
Starting this month, your SureCritic reviews provided by SocialCRM will be distributed or “syndicated” to local search directories. This gives your business widespread visibility across the Internet. Because your syndicated reviews also contain your Appointment Request page from SocialCRM, interested new prospects can send appointment requests to your business at a click of a button. These consumer appointment requests are not only emailed to your shop, but we also include the originating third-party source in your monthly reports.

Other remarkable value from consumer reviews include:

  • Reputation Marketing – Consumers are encouraged to market for you by sharing positive reviews on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.
  • You can own and manage your review content
  • Testimonial Page of all 5-star reviews can be added to your shop webpage
  • Review links placed on your shop webpage have significant search value
  • Reviews are included on your shop’s Facebook page
  • Phone reviews are collected for customers without emails
  • Emails are collected during review phone calls
  • Marketing your business processes and integrity in your review responses
  • Real-time email notifications of reviews and review sharing
  • Option to directly email the consumer when responding to reviews
  • Smartphone review collection and business’s review page browsing
  • Consumer feedback provides process improvement opportunity
  • Fresh and frequent reviews = best possible Internet content


About the Author

Brian Warfield

Brian Warfield is a Senior Product Manager for the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM product line. He has been in the automotive software business for over 20 years and has earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Business College.