What are the ADAS Challenges for Auto Repair Shops?

Part 2 of the “What is ADAS” series

ADAS presents a variety of challenges for auto repair shops. Primarily, there are three challenges that every auto repair shop must reckon with as ADAS features become more common.

  1. Auto repair shops need to understand the relationship between components and ADAS features. There needs to be an intimate understanding of which components interact with which specific ADAS features.
  2. Auto repair shops need to be familiar with the ADAS feature naming conventions. There is no agreed-upon standard naming structure for ADAS features, so currently there are dozens of names out there for various features of ADAS. For example, Automatic Emergency Braking is called Active City Stop by Ford, Pedestrian Detection by Toyota, Low Speed Front Automatic Braking by Chevrolet, and Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Control by Nissan. It can be hard to keep track of all of these different names.
  3. Auto repair shops need to have access to all of the resources and tools that are required for ADAS repairs. These repairs will differ from past repairs, so shops need to be aware of what is required for each vehicle that comes to their bays.

ProDemand Can Help Auto Repair Shops With ADAS

Mitchell 1 is aware of all of these challenges that auto repair shops face with ADAS, so we have developed a system to make the transition as seamless as possible. Mitchell 1’s ProDemand Automotive Repair Software puts all of the pieces together, helping to make shops understand the relationship between components and ADAS features. ProDemand also organizes all of the information into a consistent naming system, to prevent confusion, and provides calibration information, targets and the scan tools needed.

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