Using Videos to Get2Know TruckSeries

Our design goal for the TruckSeries repair information software for Class 4-8 trucks is to make finding information easy. We do our absolute best to organize information so it’s easy to navigate to exactly what you need.

TruckSeries is a leader in helping commercial truck repair shop technicians find high quality truck repair information for Class 4-8 trucks. The objective is to be able to locate the most information possible, so you are working on your truck immediately. This information, however, is only good if you know where to find it and how to use it.

To help new users get started with our system, we have a collection of videos that walk you through step-by-step on how to use different features of TruckSeries.

Mitchell 1 TruckSeries Get2Know Support Page

TruckSeries Get2Know Support Page

Currently, we have five key videos specifically for the truck repair information software. These videos cover the following content.

They are not just for new customers! Often it’s necessary for long-time users to either refresh their knowledge, or they may be expanding their use of the software.  Watching someone on a video actually doing something is often the easiest and quickest way to learn. Learning about new features and picking up tricks from the video can save you time and increase efficiency.

Mitchell 1 TruckSeries Truck Repair Information Get2Know Support Page

TruckSeries Trouble Code Repair Support

For example, one of the most popular videos is the “Trouble codes module,” which goes into great detail on what trucks are covered, how to look up trouble codes, what information is found in each tab within the program, and how to break down, read and manipulate information correctly. It is even better if you work along with the lookup examples in TruckSeries to familiarize yourself with the program with your own first-hand experience.

Are you more of a YouTube fan? Watch these videos on our Mitchell 1 channel playlist, Get2Know TruckSeries. Also, don’t forget; if you have any further questions or there is something not covered in the videos, please feel free to contact Product Content Support .  We will be happy to help you solve your problem!

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