• ProDemand Update – 4/3/2012

    ProDemand Update – 4/3/2012 Based on user feedback, the following are changes and updates we have made to ProDemand. Article Qualifying – further refinements in the qualifying information to the specific vehicle. Made the close button more visible when viewing diagrams. Numerous site performance related improvements in regards to IE8. Numerous bug fixes such as […]

  • ProDemand Update – 3/6/2012

    ProDemand Update – 3/6/2012 Odometer reading entry not forced on users. Users must now choose to select the Odometer entry. Correctly Qualifying vehicle options For example, when a 1.8L engine is selected, do not show the 2.0L information Reset Procedures in the Maintenance Module are correctly qualified For transmissions, always ask for transmission type instead […]

  • ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012

    ProDemand Update – 2/16/2012 Improvements to wiring diagrams More viewing area for wiring diagrams when enlarged Improvements to general graphics and diagrams Added the ability to zoom & pan when graphics are enlarged Added Wiring Diagrams in Diagnostics section Will display black and white versions when SVG viewer is not installed Print preview graphics are […]