• SureTrack Featured FAQ: All about Fast-Track References

    FAQs_featuredSureTrack Featured FAQs provide “bite-sized” portions of information to help you make full use of the many features inside the product, including exclusive SureTrack tools and real-world insights from professional technicians. Featured this time: All About Fast-Track References.

  • Pinewood Derby Racing Fever!

    Pinewood Derby Racing Fever! Racing fever hit Mitchell 1 on Thursday, May 21 with the second annual Pinewood Derby Day held at Mitchell 1 headquarters in Poway CA. We had over 42 cars competing; all designed by employees of Mitchell 1 and other Snap-on divisions in the U.S., Ireland and England. It was a great […]

  • Addition of 700,000 Waveform and Parameter Identification (PID) Graphs

    Addition of 700,000 Waveform and Parameter Identification (PID) Graphs We’ve expanded our industry-leading coverage of waveform and PID graphs to now total over 750,000 graphs. The waveform and PID graphs provide known-good or known-bad comparative waveforms to aid technicians as they troubleshoot a code or symptom with a diagnostic scan tool, such as a Snap-on […]

  • How To: Linking ProDemand to the Snap-on Verus or Verdict

    If you’re a Snap-on Verus or Verdict scan tool user and have a ProDemand account, you can access your ProDemand program right from the Verus or Verdict interface. It’s easy to set up using the instructions provided below. Power on the scan tool and wait for the Diagnostic Suite to load. From the Diagnostic Suite home page, tap the “Information” […]