• How To: Sorting Saved Quotes in ProDemand

    ProDemand Saved QuotesDive into this Quick Tip for ProDemand as we show you how to easily sort through numerous quotes that you’ve saved from previous repairs. Don’t waste time trying to locate an old quote by slowly looking through everything you’ve got. Improve your efficiency by following this tip to instantly find the one quote you’re looking for!

  • Quick & Accurate Price Quotes with TruckSeries Estimator

    How long will my truck be out of service?  How much will it cost? Business owners and customers alike want quick, accurate answers to these commonly asked questions, especially in today’s economic market. Mitchell 1 TruckSeries is here to help! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create accurate repair and cost estimates that address these questions for your customers. Learn how in this short blog.

  • ProDemand Training Video – Quotes

    ProDemand Training Video – Quotes Watch this ProDemand™ training video to learn how to quickly access saved estimates with user-entered items & customer info, taxes, fees, discounts, disclaimers. Click here for more training videos. Click here to sign up for an interactive ProDemand training workshop. Click here for more information on ProDemand.

  • Important Update: Quick Estimating Lookup Added

    Important Update: Quick Estimating Lookup Added In response to customer feedback, we’ve streamlined the navigation and improved the user experience with the Estimator module in ProDemand™. In particular, you’ll notice changes to these functions in the redesigned Estimating module: Easier to perform a Quick Lookup Users go straight to a labor or OEM part lookup without […]