• DEF Update

    If you service and work on heavy-duty diesel trucks then you are most likely quite familiar with Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF. But even if you are familiar with it, it is always good practice t update yourself and keep your knowledge and safety practices in handling DEF always up to date.

  • Selecting the Correct Fluid

    It is absolutely imperative to use the correct fluid whenever servicing a truck. Adding the wrong type of anti-freeze, oil or transmission fluid can cause severe damage to a component or system. Luckily, TruckSeries truck repair information provides oil, fluid and lubricant charts for most vehicles to make sure your shop avoids the repercussions of using the wrong fluid(s).

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid FAQs

    Does DEF FreezeDuring cold months, it’s not uncommon for a truck’s diesel exhaust fluid to freeze. These FAQs cover the most common questions that truck owners have when it comes to frozen DEF.

  • Keep Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid From Voiding Your Warranty

    Keep Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid From Voiding Your Warranty Did you know that using incorrect or contaminated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) will void your warranty? With the SCR system in today’s trucks, DEF has become an important fluid in our industry, so it’s an important thing to know. How do you keep your warranty intact […]

  • A New Cruze

    A New Cruze GM reenters the passenger car light-diesel market after more than a 35-year absence. The 2014 Cruze diesel is taking aim at the VW Jetta TDI, and might be a real challenger. Motor Age — It’s no secret that the U.S. fleet is totally at odds with it’s European counterpart in the mixture […]

  • Ultrasound Fluid Testing Helps Detect DEF Quality

    Ultrasound Fluid Testing Helps Detect DEF Quality Ultrasound waves are used in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Quality Sensors, also known as Fluid Property Sensors, to detect the condition of DEF in a truck’s tank. Here’s how it works: As with all fluids, DEF has a specific density. When the ultrasound waves generated by the Quality Sensor […]