Ultrasound Fluid Testing Helps Detect DEF Quality

Ultrasound Fluid Testing Helps Detect DEF Quality

Ultrasound waves are used in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Quality Sensors, also known as Fluid Property Sensors, to detect the condition of DEF in a truck’s tank.

Here’s how it works: As with all fluids, DEF has a specific density. When the ultrasound waves generated by the Quality Sensor measure an incorrect reading for denisity, the sensor will send a message with a fault code to the Control Module (ACM).

Why is this important? If DEF has been diluted with any kind of fluid, such as water, the density of the DEF will be changed and the Quality Sensor will detect it and alert you. As noted in a previous blog post, it’s important to keep DEF free of contaminants in order to avoid damage to system components and also to ensure the emission reduction properties of the system are working properly.



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