Some Small but Powerful Additions to Manager SE 6.5

Some Small but Powerful Additions to Manager SE 6.5

Manager SE™ 6.5 is a major release in a lot of ways. Perhaps the “biggest” enhancement is the Auto Updater, a built-in feature that automatically updates the software and eliminates the need to perform manual updates. This is huge and will save you so much time and hassle. But I’d like to draw your attention now to some of the smaller, yet most-welcomed additions to the Manager SE platform.

As you may know, Manager SE features a “Users” list to record and select user preferences for the Work-In-Progress, Order and Revision screens. Preferences you can select include column width & display sequence, which types of records to display on the WIP screen, even which service writer name to put in the Written By field if you saved that to your profile. This arrangement allows you to tailor your workstation experience and also to take it with you when you change PCs. Granted, this has been a Mitchell 1 Manager specification for some time; now let’s take a look at what’s new.

First, a confession: the User profiles store more than I realized. It came to light when Manager SE 6.5 expanded the “Last 4” orders (under File menu) to “Last 10.” It’s not just a generic last 10; it is the Last 10 for EACH profile. That means I can easily jump back into any of my last 10, Joe can quickly access any of his last 10, and so can anybody else listed in the User profiles! Quite a subtle thing, but very cool.

When you touch the software dozens of times a day, these incremental improvements make the work day that much more productive. I have it on good authority that the people in the office like that a whole bunch.

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Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell first joined Mitchell 1 in 1985 and is a senior product marketing manager for Manager SE. He has experience with various Mitchell 1 products and is the company’s primary media developer for product training assets and a subject matter expert in shop management software and other Mitchell 1 products. He also served as the Vice-Chair of the AMI Board of Trustees from 2009-2015. He is also the “voice of Mitchell 1” – you’ll hear him on the recorded message when you call the Mitchell 1 office.