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Tip from Customer Care

Our Customer Care team gets many questions about updating a credit card on an existing Mitchell 1 account. Here’s a simulation of how these conversations often go — the common questions and all the information you need to know:

You: Ugh! I forgot to update my expiration date on my credit card with you. What do I do now?

Customer Care: Don’t worry, it’s easy! I just need you to verify the last four digits of your card, and I can quickly update it for you. It’s as easy as 1…2…3.

You: But what if my card was compromised and I need to change the whole number?

CC: If you need to update an entire card or checking account on file, we’ll need to do that by phone —just give Customer Care a call. You have three options for updating the entire card number or checking account:

  1. Complete a Direct Debit form over the phone with an annotated signature
  2. Send a secured Direct Debit email to the email you provide
  3. Fax a secured Direct Debit form to a fax number that is provided by you

You: Wow, that’s really convenient! When is the best time to do all this?

CC: That’s a great question! We recommend you call in no later than the 15th of the month. This allows you and us plenty of time to update all your information and to assure your payment goes through in a timely manner.

You: I never knew that, great. For my records, when is the payment due date again?

CC: The payments will generally come out on the 20th of each month, unless there is a holiday.

You: Great, thanks for all your help!

CC: Absolutely! We appreciate your business and please feel free to call us any time with questions about your customer account or software.

To get help updating your account, simply call Mitchell 1 toll free at 888.724.6742, select option 2 and a friendly agent will be with you right away.

For more general questions, we also have a form you can fill out.

Customer Care hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST (may vary on holidays)


About the Author

Rich Limon

Richard Limon is a Customer Care Agent at Mitchell 1 and is responsible for providing excellent customer service. In addition, he is also a trainer for the ProDemand repair information software.