More Business For Your Shop – Instantly!

More Business For Your Shop – Instantly

Here’s a great success story from a customer who called me the other day.

John is a shop owner who just two days prior to the call had deployed out the Report Pro module of ProPack for Manager. Report Pro is a tool that allows you to customize your invoices with logos, industry memberships, credit card affiliations, shop slogans, etc. He called me and said that an amazing customer exchange had just occurred:

John said he was giving his “good” customer (definition below) a copy of his invoice (newly customized with bells and whistles), when his customer commented on the fleet credit card image that John had elected to add to his invoice. The customer said to John, “I didn’t know you accepted that card!”… (meanwhile, on the front door, when you walk in, there has been a fleet window sticker for five years). The customer continued, “My wife works for XYZ pharmaceutical company and that is the card that’s in her wallet. Do you mean she can bring that car here as well?”

For five long years, that window sticker has apparently been invisible on the front door. But John’s “good” customer (defined as having multiple vehicles and multiple visits per year), just now noticed that John accepts a fleet card. Because of the invoice. In an instant, John just got a new source of business for the shop. Gee, that was easy.

The ProPack screen in Manager SE


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