Another Successful Workshop

Another Successful Workshop

Our Minneapolis Shop Management Software Training Workshop held July 18-20 was another successful transfer of product knowledge and confidence from Mitchell 1 instructors to customers in the upper Midwest. True, we also had attendees from the Northeast and Western Canada join us as well. Something about Minneapolis in the summertime seems irresistible.

Over the course of two days (with four incredible meals + two receptions), attendees learned many new things about their Manager SE software — including why they want to upgrade to it ASAP if they haven’t already done so. The newly-updated 196 page workbook and technical documents we used throughout the workshop worked like a charm.

Please note that the workshop is a two-way process where users ask questions or provide an insight or two that the AMI-certified instructors hadn’t considered. That’s when you see us pause to make a note to incorporate that tidbit into future editions. For instance, at this workshop an attendee mentioned that the History Search reading parts & labor descriptions didn’t always find what he was looking for. He asked if the “%” wildcard we had discussed earlier would work there… and sure enough, it did!

If you just couldn’t make it to this workshop, what with family and vacation commitments, please note that we’ll be having one more workshop this year: in Jacksonville, Florida on October 3-5.  We’d love to see you there. For further information and to register, please click here:



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