Marketing: What A Difference 30 Years Makes

Marketing: What A Difference 30 Years Makes

The 80’s might seem like the Stone Age to some of us, but even then, automotive shops were a bit more advanced than scribbling pictographs on rock walls in order to bring customers in – or so we thought.

Back in the day, businesses would market themselves via static outbound marketing communications – Yellow Pages, outdoor signs, money mailers or even radio broadcasting – all with the hope that the message would resonate with a potential consumer and bring in new business. These techniques have become less effective, however, mainly because consumers now have the ability to search the Internet for businesses before making their decision.

In fact, today consumers use various online platforms to find a business: search engines, social media, and consumer review sites. Smart businesses now market themselves now via ongoing, relevant and dynamic conversations. People are more in control of what information they receive and how they receive it. With this shift in consumer behavior, automotive shops have been forced to change their marketing strategies in an effort to stay ahead of the next generation.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of customer retention. The most effective way to retain current customers is to help them make their automotive service experience as smooth as possible. With automotive email service reminders, consumers no longer have to worry about when their next service is due. Thank-you emails extend to the customer a shop’s gratitude for their business. Various other marketing email types include appointment reminders, targeted email blasts and vehicle recommendation emails.

The SocialCRM service at Mitchell 1 integrates seamlessly with your current shop management system to help increase your customer retention rate. Along with the retention aspect, other digital marketing strategies will help increase your social presence on the Web. The SocialCRM “transparent” reporting dashboard allows you to see what is working for your shop, and our support agents can help you change your marketing strategies as the industry evolves.


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