Amplify the Power of Consumer Reviews with Syndication

Amplify the Power of Consumer Reviews with Syndication

As consumers, we’re constantly looking for information to validate our purchase decisions. Business reviews have become a critical part of the purchasing process and have the power to turn hesitant consumers into confident buyers.

For maximum impact, it’s important for auto repair shops to make it easy for prospective consumers to find their reviews. You want to make service and review information easily accessible to curious consumers when they are in the process of making a decision about where to bring their vehicle for service.

Your shop website is a focal point for prospective consumers as they research your shop for their next auto repair. The good news is that your most passionate fans are typically the most likely to write a review for you, so there will be a wealth of extremely valuable content that can be shared with prospective consumers. Having your consumer reviews prominently displayed on your website is a great starting point for getting the word out about the excellent service you provide. With syndication, you can share this great content with a much larger audience that extends far beyond your website.

As consumers’ purchasing behaviors continue to evolve, more shops are looking to increase the visibility of their businesses through syndication. Review syndication distributes your consumer reviews to multiple websites and search engines so even more consumers are exposed to the experiences of others who have used your shop and shared their feedback.

Mitchell 1 SocialCRM does this for you. The service verifies that your reviews are from authentic consumers and automates the review syndication process. Your most recent 25 reviews (along with your shop’s contact information) are distributed to a group of local search directories, expanding your reach and giving your business even more visibility on the Internet.

Each directory has its own criteria for collecting and distributing reviews, so the SocialCRM team doesn’t have complete control of which specific directories pick up the reviews. However, the graphic above shows a sample of some of the sites where we’re seeing reviews syndicated for our clients. Click the links below to see specific review syndication examples:

The bottom line is that syndication takes the power of your consumer reviews to a new level by amplifying the positive feedback about your shop to prospective customers whom you would never otherwise be able to reach.

Read more about SocialCRM consumer reviews and the power of review syndication:

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