Indistinguishable From Magic

Connect with your customers using the right CRM Program

There is no shortage of exaggerated marketing offers on the Internet telling you how easily their product can change your life. Normally when I hear how these offers can “automatically” make me money while I sleep, I skeptically and sarcastically substitute the word “auto-magically.” Because most of us know that real success is often disguised as hard work and not a result of marketing “fairy dust,” we should be skeptical of such claims.

Arthur C. Clarke, futurist and writer, said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Therefore, when something actually makes good on this “magic” promise, it deserves our noteworthy admiration and acknowledgment.

Below I show how our SocialCRM marketing services can seem “indistinguishable from magic.” This service helps “auto-magically” create better customer communication and search engine visibility without the shop doing anything except closing customer invoices.

Of course it’s really not magic, but the result of hard work from the SocialCRM team who make it just about effortless for shop owners to market their businesses.

SocialCRM Mitchell Auto Shop Marketing Services

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Brian Warfield

Brian Warfield is a Senior Product Manager for the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM product line. He has been in the automotive software business for over 20 years and has earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Business College.