To Coupon or Not to Coupon?

For most auto repair businesses, the process of deciding whether to use coupons can be interesting. Think about it, no business wants to be known only as the place to go for the “cheapest price” in town. They risk being branded as “discount central” — where price is more important than quality.

The Coupon Conundrum

One problem with coupons is that the discount seekers may drown out your regular customers. You also don’t want to give away too much and negatively impact your revenue. So, auto repair business owners often ask themselves, “should I, or shouldn’t I” offer auto repair coupons.

Even though there are potential issues, there are situations when offering a coupon makes perfect sense in business and will have a positive impact. Here are a few of those situations when coupons can help you:

1. Show appreciation and build customer loyalty
2. Highlight products or services
3. Influence repeat consumer visits
4. Attract new consumers and increase sales

When making the decision to offer a coupon, it’s important to have a goal in mind and also a reason to offer the discount. You know the saying that “too much of a good thing” can be problematic. The same is true with offering coupons. So it’s important to monitor and track the response to your coupons to assess their effectiveness and make changes as needed.

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM auto repair shop marketing service gives you the ability not only to offer your consumers a coupon via email or the internet but also to easily manage the offer.

Below are some options for implementing successful coupon campaigns:

SocialCRM Email Campaigns: Work with your dedicated SocialCRM support agent to add a custom coupon to any of the SocialCRM automated email campaigns. You can add multiple coupons to your emails and offer them as often as you want. Here’s an example:

SocialCRM Consumer Loyalty Site (Owner Auto Site): Your dedicated SocialCRM support agent will help you add an exclusive custom coupon for consumers who have signed up for their loyalty site through your shop. You can add a maximum of 5 coupons on the site and offer them as often as you want. Here’s an example:

SocialCRM Business Review Page: Log into your SocialCRM Business Review Page dashboard and add a custom coupon for consumers and prospects who find your page on the internet. Here’s an exmaple:

If you don’t know how to log into your SocialCRM Business Review Page dashboard, you can contact your dedicated support agent and they’ll be happy to show you how.

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