Important Info for Users of Manager SE Version 6.4

We have some important information to share with anyone who is using version 6.4 of the Manager™ SE shop management software. Due to changes in both Windows operating systems and current programming technology, Mitchell 1 will no longer be able to support the 6.4.x versions of Manager SE. (Version number is displayed in the lower right corner of screen, between ‘Manager SE’ and User name – see below.)


We will, of course, continue answering “how to” calls with questions about program usage, such as how to correct a payment, change vehicle ownership and other similar tasks. However, effective immediately, for technical support issues with version 6.4 that require a fix or re-install of any of Manager SE’s components, we must upgrade your Manager system to SE 6.6xx at that time.

There are many benefits to upgrading! Here are just a few of the top reasons you’ll be happy to upgrade your system to 6.6:

  • Year/Make/Model data and VIN years are up to date
  • Ability to name each Revision tab
  • Part Item Edit now includes Margin field that users may edit to update sell price
  • Transfer multiple Canned Jobs
  • Check for substitute part(s) when transferring from catalog
  • Vehicles listed on Customer Screen now include VIN, odometer & last in date
  • History Screen updated to include sortable grid and odometer column
  • Order Screen now includes a visible labor hours total, display of any Deposits and Balance Due data
  • ATD Tire Catalog is included
  • Tire Matrix is included
  • Updated reports & document templates
  • And much more…

 Please READ ABOUT THE UPGRADE to see a complete list of all the changes, enhancements and corrections.


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John Dwulet

John Dwulet is the Senior Product Manager for Mitchell 1’s shop management software systems, including Manager SE and Manager Enterprise. He also serves as a trainer for Mitchell 1’s popular Management Training Workshops, and is an administrator of the shop management discussion forum. He joined Mitchell 1 in 1992 as a tech support agent and has held a variety of positions including quality assurance engineer, system integration analyst and corporate trainer.