The Impact of Technology on Truck Repair Efficiency

Technology is having a huge impact on all aspects of the trucking industry, including repairs and maintenance. In this guest editorial published in Fleet Maintenance Magazine, Mitchell 1 shares insights into the impact of technology on repair efficiency. We’re giving you a little sample below, with a link to read the full article on the Fleet Maintenance website.  Check it out!

Online service information helps increase technician efficiency and productivity by speeding up diagnostics and repairs.

truck_fleetmaintenanceguestcolumn_nov2016According to the 2016 Fleet Maintenance Readership Survey, top concerns of fleets include:

  1. Keeping fleets operating with minimal downtime
  2. Training technicians on increasingly complex vehicles, and
  3. Gaining access to vehicle repair information

The first concern is no surprise. Ever since there have been fleets of commercial vehicles, keeping them running has been a top priority in order to stay profitable. But the other major concerns identified in the survey are relatively new developments.

It wasn’t that long ago that the go-to source for truck repair information was a printed manual, and it was probably brand specific. Technicians most likely thumbed through a large library of books onsite to find information. If a fleet had multiple nameplates, they probably spent a lot of time on the phone or searching websites for repair information they were missing.

From Print to the Web

Times have certainly changed. Today, that system would not work because complex technology changes are coming faster than ever and many fleets have multiple nameplates. Fleets need to maximize uptime with newer technicians taking over from veteran wrench turners.

Now, online repair programs from multiple sources are continuously updated and deliver the latest information at the click of a mouse, making it faster and easier for technicians to find the information they need to repair advanced vehicles. This not only helps increase efficiency and productivity by speeding up diagnostics and repairs, but also reduces the likelihood of do-overs and the downtime associated with a breakdown.

Continue reading the full article in Fleet Maintenance Magazine:  The Impact of Technology on Truck Repair Efficiency


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