How to Copy + Paste a VIN in ProDemand

With the prominence of the news stories reporting companies experiencing security risks Mitchell1 and ProDemand have had to take additional steps to combat these risks. While something as simple as a right mouse click to paste a VIN into a ProDemand field seems un-harmful, there are other areas of product where a “right click” can expose and provide access to areas of the application that we cannot afford to have happen.

To remedy this issue, we had to disable the ability to use a “right click” within the application. Most users have used the “right click” to paste a VIN from another application to make looking up a vehicle easier. You can still copy a VIN or any other item and copy it into ProDemand by using a keyboard shortcut – Ctrl-C. By clicking into the area you wish to place your copied content (VIN, term, part number, etc.) and using the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl-V shown below you can easily continue with your work. We appreciate you understanding while we work out these security issues.


About the Author

Abagail Lucero

Abagail Lucero is the Product Marketing Manager for ProDemand. She joined the company in 2011 as a member of the SocialCRM shop marketing team and has served in many roles at Mitchell1, lastly as Security and Compliance Supervisor. Abagail holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California University of Pennsylvania.