How Service Reminders Help Your Business

ApptReminder_featuredSo, without looking at a calendar, do you remember where you were exactly six months ago? Was there something you were supposed to remember to do, but you forgot to write it down…and now it’s gone?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. What if an email or postcard showed up reminding you not only what you need to do, but where and when to do it? Better yet, what if you had your own, personal website tracking what you’ve done and giving insight into your future schedule? For those of us who can’t remember what we ate for breakfast yesterday, this would be amazing.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, car maintenance reminders are just as amazing. You may give your customers great customer service, and you may have done a top-notch repair job. But as the months go on and it’s time for the next repair, they may be more concerned about getting their vehicle fixed than WHERE they’re taking it. That is, unless…. you give them a car service reminder.

The SocialCRM marketing service does this automatically for you. Service reminders are the perfect way to not only tell your customer it’s time for their next service, but to show them WHERE they need to bring their car. The SocialCRM reminders put your shop logo, address, contact information — and even your promotions or coupons— right at their fingertips. When you keep your business on their mind, they won’t need to look anywhere else.

SCRM_OwnerAutoSite_LoginAnd if that’s not enough, your consumers can have their very own website where all their vehicle history is recorded. is custom built to give your customers 24/7 access to their vehicle’s repair history with your shop. On this site, they can also request an appointment, see any promotions you have running, and see future service recommendations specific to their vehicle/s.

So, how are car service reminders helping your business? It’s simple, they’re keeping you connected to your customers and reminding them of their great experience at your shop the last time — and that you can do just as great a job the next time.



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Greg Betz

Greg Betz started at Mitchell 1 in 2008, working his way through inside sales, customer service, collections, and joining the SocialCRM team in 2012. He is currently a support agent for the SocialCRM shop marketing program. In his spare time, he is a die-hard NFL and fantasy football fan.