Fixed It! How SureTrack Helps You Get the Fix Faster

Fixed It! How SureTrack Helps You Get the Fix Faster

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Fixed It!” count on the right side of Real Fixes every time you visit SureTrack. You may have wondered what it means or why it’s important to you. The “Fixed It!” count indicates how many times a Real Fix or Tip has helped at least one technician in the SureTrack community repair a vehicle in their bay.

Anytime you read a Real Fix or Tip in SureTrack, you are given the opportunity to add to the Fixed It count if the Real Fix or Tip helped you repair a problem. Simply click where it says “Fixed It” next to the red check mark. The great thing about the Fixed It count is it lets you easily see which Real Fixes and Tips are actually helping to resolve vehicle issues out there in the real world, in bays all over the country.

Say for example there is a Chevy with a P0171 and in SureTrack there are several Related Real Fixes associated with this vehicle and this code. The Fixed It count can be quite helpful to a tech that is unfamiliar with this vehicle and this code. If a Real Fix has a Fixed It count of 90, a second Related Real Fix has a Fixed It count of 10, and a third Related Real Fix has a Fixed It count of only 3, you’ll know by those numbers which one has led to a repair of this vehicle most of the time for SureTrack community members.

Speaking of our Fixed It count, you may have noticed that the number of “Fixed Its” has grown quite dramatically recently. Besides working hard and typing furiously, we are also processing data at a lightning pace here at SureTrack. This is all in an effort to provide you with the information you need, when you need it, to help you get the fix faster!

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